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Safety Lockout

Boston Locksmith Services Ltd and Lockout/Tagout.

Why should you deal with Boston Lock Services Ltd for your Lockout/Tagout requirements?

  • We are locksmiths and understand how locks work.
  • As locksmiths we can customise your keying requirements.
  • We partner with MasterLock who are an industry leader and innovator in this field.
  • We will call to your site without obligation (location depending) and advise the best product for your situation.
  • Price. We are very competitive.
  • Masterlock padlocks supplied (depending on type) will have their key numbers recorded against your company so that padlocks in the future will not be supplied on the same key.
  • Masterlock padlocks supplied (depending on type) will be supplied with one security key. This means staff are unable to obtain spare keys to give to colleagues. The person who locks the padlock on will be the person who removes it.
  • Masterlock padlocks are key retentive. Padlocks must be locked before the key can be removed.
  • Experience.
  • Massachusetts owed company.

What Is Lockout?

Lockout is the use of a lock to render machinery or equipment inoperable or to isolate an energy source. The purpose is to establish "zero energy". This is where all sources of energy including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and stored energy are isolated so that they pose no danger.

The purpose of zero energy and lockout is to prevent the release of an energy source that could activate moving parts on equipment or machinery.

Why Lockout Is Important

•Employers, supervisors and employees all have individual responsibilities regarding lockout under the HSE Act.
•Lockout is important for operators, maintenance staff, contractors, cleaners and any other person required to work near moving parts of machinery.
•Every year, workers in Massachusetts are killed or seriously injured because machinery or equipment was not properly locked out. For example, accidents where workers are caught in machinery can result in severed fingers, crushed limbs, or death. These accidents can be prevented if machinery is locked out properly.


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